What Causes Skin Changing During Quarantine

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What Causes Skin Changing During Quarantine

Quarantine has changed our lives immensely, and its effects can be seen on our routine and lifestyle. From formal attire, we have shifted to comfy pyjamas; we barely take 5 minutes to join our online meetings or simply log in to work.

Lazy mornings, comfortable clothing, work from home, and running many errands at a time have made our schedules busier than ever. The changes in our daily life have resulted in many problems, and without us realizing, affecting our skin adversely.

Whatever goes in, our mind and body are well reflected on our skin. Skin is the largest body organ, and without denial, it is also being affected by the changes in the routine.

Some of us have indulged in rigorous skincare routine while others are enjoying more to be lazy. Quarantine is either an excuse to take care of health and skin more or simply to enjoy a long-long break from a chaotic life.

Thanks to many social media influencers to share their beauty secrets with us and keeping us engaged in making our skin look and feel better by using Natural Skincare Products. Despite all the care, staying indoors, and no junk food, people are facing many skin problems. 

During the quarantine, many skin issues have become common. These include acne, dryness and flaky skin, redness and itching, oily skin, irritation, dark circles, and dullness. To understand these problems, it is important to understand their underlying reasons.

There are many reasons for the same, and we bring you a list of possibilities that are causing harm to your skin, and we have got you covered with an insightful suggestion on various Natural Skincare Products to help you care for skin during the quarantine. 

  • Stress and anxiety

This time of uncertainty has lead to stress and increased anxiety as to what is going to happen next or when things will be back to normal. The news, increased workload, and balancing work and home at the same time are exhausting, as well as stressful.

When in stress, the body releases cortisol hormone that leads to increased production of oil leading to breakouts. Use Strawberry Clay Soap Organic Clay Purifying Treatment Bar to wash your face for controlling sebum production and improving the texture of your skin. This natural skincare soap helps in removing blemishes, dark spots, and ageing lines on the skin.

You should also exercise, go for a walk (taking necessary precautions), and practise yoga to ease out stress. You can also try meditation for getting relief from stress and anxiety and making skin glow.

  • What time of the day is it

With being stuck at home all the time, our routine has changed drastically. The body clock has changed, and we don’t have a schedule for eating, sleeping, exercising, or even going out. 

A schedule to which our body is used to has changed, and it finds it hard to adjust. All you need to do is to continue to follow your pre-quarantine routine and keep in balance the body and mind. 

  • Binge-watching the nights

With all the time in our hands to be at home, we are enjoying the liberty and indulging into the luxury of binge-watching. With new series and releases on apps, we just want to Netflix and chill. 

The theatre nights have led to sleepless nights, which is truly responsible for those dark circles. Sleep deprivation leads to dull and darkening of the skin. Take a shower using Organic Citrus Soap Bar or Skin Soother Bar to ease your anxiety and have a good sleep. The citrus and woody aroma relaxes the mind and helps in sleeping peacefully. 

  • Wearing a mask

When going out, it is necessary that you take precautions and wear a mask. Wearing mask causes excess release of sebum, resulting in acne and oily skin. The mask restricts the flow of air and leads to excessive sweat and oil secretion.

Wear disposable masks or keep in handy few reusable cotton masks. This will help you to avoid repeating the same without washing and in rightly maintaining hygiene, as well as taking precautions. Use masks in breathable fabrics to keep the airflow to reduce sweating and irritation. To protect your skin from irritation, use Organic Comfort Cream Eczema Relief as its natural ingredients help in easing skin inflammation and itchiness.  

  • Missing the Sunshine

Not to mention, Vitamin D is important for the skin. During this time, you are less exposed to sunlight, and this may lead to the deficiency of Vitamin D. You may choose to take Vitamin D supplements, but after consulting your doctor.

Moreover, exposure to sunlight causes tanning of skin and skin dullness, and if you are thinking to ditch your sunscreen cause you are staying indoors, then it’s a strict no-no. UV rays do affect you when indoors, and you must continue to use a sunscreen to protect your skin.  

  • Dry air at home

The easiest way to beat the heat at home is to put the AC on and relax. This causes dryness in the air at home, leaving the skin to be dry and flaky. The skin does not get exposed to fresh air and does not get to absorb any moisture.  

Try putting off AC from time to time and use a humidifier. If you have sensitive skin, you need to take extra care for your skin. For this, we suggest using the Sensitive Skin Trio, which includes OHM Bar, Skin Soother Bar, and Organic Comfort Cream. The Sensitive Skin Trio calms the skin, eases irritation and redness, moisturizes and heals the skin, and the aromatics help in relaxing the mind.  

Do not forget to care for your lips and use Organic Lip Balm in Vanilla Mint to avoid them from becoming chappy. 

  • Lacking hygiene

Staying at home is a good reason for neglecting many of the daily activities, like taking a shower. It is necessary that you take care of personal hygiene and wear fresh clothes. Shower with Chocolate Luxury Soap Bar that includes organic cocoa butter and jojoba oil to make your bathing time interesting. The crushed organic cocoa nibs and bamboo activated charcoal acts as good body scrub and cleaners; make sure you don’t take a bite. 

Do not forget to use Organic Ceramide Therapy body lotion after a shower as this Natural Skincare Product will help you to keep your body soft, supple, and moisturized for the whole day. 

Besides, it is also imperative that you change your linens frequently. As you are spending more times indoors, you use linens more than before, and they need to be washed more often to reduce the chances of skin infection and irritation from dust and bacteria. 

  • Where are diet and exercise

Though we are not eating our favourite street food or eating out at a café with friends, we are consuming home-made food that might not be healthy. The trend of being the ‘Quarantine MasterChef’ is making us cook oily, greasy, and sugary food. 

Consuming more carbs, drinking less water, and lack of exercise are also a cause for acne and oily skin. It is equally important to avoid consuming packed food. Keep yourself hydrated and consume more salads, greens, vegetables, fruits, and yoghurt. 

  • Ring-Ring 

Quarantine has led to more exposure to screen time and use of phones. Continuous working in front of the screen increases contact with the blue light that is emitted by these devices. This is a leading cause for pale skin, dark circles, and early ageing of the skin. Use Orchard Stem Cell Serum to rejuvenate your skin and make it look younger.

Using mobile phones for a long time increases the chances of breakouts and allergies on the face. The phone screen attracts bacteria, dust, and dust mites that infect the skin, causing acne and irritation to the skin. It is required that you disinfect your phone and reduce the chances of the interaction of skin with bacteria.  

Apply OHM Soap Bar when washing your face as this is a Natural Skincare Product has oatmeal that relieves the skin and organic goal milk helps in keeping the skin soft and moist. 

  • Too much skincare 

With so many ways to take care of skin that are surging up on the internet, one truly wants to try them for glowing and beautiful skin. In this time, you are more experimental with your skin and try different products in an urge to make your skin supple and beautiful.

This causes dryness, irritation, and flaky skin. What we suggest you is to stick to Natural Skincare Products and follow a regime for skincare. Don’t be tempted by many options available and do what suits your skin the best. We suggest sticking to usual, yet effective skincare routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.  

Use Creamy Organic Oatmeal Cleansing Face Wash to deep clean your skin and removing make-up. Then apply OHM Cleansing Powder Facial Exfoliating Wash exfoliate, moisturize, and heal the skin. Next apply Radiant Youth Botanical Toner to refresh, soothe, and protect the skin. The final step includes applying a night cream to let the skin revive overnight. 

We suggest applying Night Rejuvenation Face Cream as it contains natural silk proteins that help in making the skin look and feel healthier, glowy, and young.

  • Pour more hand wash 

As a precautionary measure, one has to wash their hands more often than at any other time. Use of alcohol-based sanitizers also causes skin dryness. 

Now, when you don’t have helpers to do your daily chores, you are the one to let your hands be in contact with detergents and cleaners more often for washing clothes, utensils, and cleaning floors. These too contribute to dryness, redness, and itchy skin. 

Organic European Algae Hand Cream is a must-have Natural Skincare Product in the present times as it helps in maintaining the skin moisture and its antioxidants help in keeping the skin youthful and healthy. It can be used on hands, wrist, and cuticles as well.  

Here is a list of Natural Skincare Products that will help you in keeping your skin healthy, supple, glowing, and acne-free:

  1. Strawberry Clay Soap Organic Clay Purifying Treatment Bar
  2. Organic Citrus Soap Bar
  3. Skin Soother Bar
  4. Organic Comfort Cream Eczema Relief
  5. Sensitive Skin Trio
  6. Organic Lip Balm in Vanilla Mint
  7. Chocolate Luxury Soap Bar
  8. Organic Ceramide Therapy
  9. Orchard Stem Cell Serum
  10. OHM Soap Bar
  11. Creamy Organic Oatmeal Cleansing Face Wash
  12. OHM Cleansing Powder Facial Exfoliating Wash
  13. Radiant Youth Botanical Toner
  14. Night Rejuvenation Face Cream
  15. Organic European Algae Hand Cream

Quarantine time has brought so many changes in our lives and we are trying to get a grip of the new normal. With so many things happening around, it is vital to stay calm, composed, and healthy at this time. 

Staying healthy does not imply only physical fitness, but mental fitness too. Your health is much reflected on your body and skin too and surely doesn’t want your efforts to keep your skin glowing to go in the vain cause of the above-stated issues.

As we have stated all the reasons that are causing quarantine skin problems, it is now easy to fix the skin issues. The reasons are simple and general but often overlooked or unrealized. With the issues, we have suggested many Natural Skincare Products and our best bet is Organic Comfort Cream Eczema Relief as it is the most suitable cream in the present scenario, whether you stay indoors or go out for work. Its natural ingredients, botanicals, saccharide isomerate, essential healing roots, and vitamins, moisture the skin and ease rashes and itches. 

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