Top Secrets to Keep Your Skin Moisturized This Winter: Libelluleis Beautiful

Top Secrets to Keep Your Skin Moisturized This Winter

Top Secrets to Keep Your Skin Moisturized This Winter: Libelluleis Beautiful

Only a person who lives in cold winter conditions can understand how the frigid temperatures can wreak havoc on the skin, not only on the face but also on other parts. The skin gets dry, flaky, itch, and unfortunately cracks are quite common.

On the quest of our patrons, in this article, we have mentioned the best ways to keep the body’s largest organ healthy and hydrated throughout the cold winter days.

·        Bring in the moisture

As winter arrives, the​​ tendency of consuming soon starts falling which affects your skin. Skin acts as a barrier that keeps water within your body, hence when it gets cold water easily evaporates off of the skin. Therefore, in this season hydration is quite critical, to nourish your skin with enough moisture you should consume at least 6 glasses of water per day.

It would be great if you also, intake herbal or green teas as they contain antioxidants that are really good for your skin.

Also, try to avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee as much as possible. Caffeine subverts the essential minerals and nutrients from the body and sugar has an excellent ability to dehydrate the skin.

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·        Avoid excessively hot showers or baths:

It may sound non-sense but taking hot showers can have adverse effects on your skin health. In the winter, a relaxing hot shower is actually everybody’s prime need. But do you know that hot water evaporates quite fast making your skin dry within a very short period of time? If you have not properly moisturized your skin, then the cracks within the skin will expose your skin nerves to the cold air which will result in tiny cuts on your skin and even possibly make you more suseptable to eczema.

As we can’t avoid indulging in hot baths, it would be definitely advisable to apply moisturizers immediately after the bath. Libellule organic moisturizing products contain ceramides which keep your skin hydrated and also prevents it from wrinkles. Ceramides are vital components of the skin, and as per the expert dermatologists, organic ceramides containing products are best for the dry skin.

·        Use moisturizers and more importantly use more often

This point is, of course, obvious, but keeping your skin moisturized through this shivering season is crucial to avoid dryness.

As stated in the above point, you should apply a thick moisturizer on your skin after taking a hot bath and then again at the time of evening for getting a nice smooth skin. You can also apply a very thin ​​layer of oil on your face and body before applying the moisturizer. This will trap the hydration.

It would be best if you can also apply body oils, preferably coconut oil before a bath. The oil will not only hydrate your skin but also act as a barrier between hot water and skin.

There is a common mistake among people i.e. to use lotions instead of a moisturizing cream. Lotions are quite common to use as a skin moisturizer but they are not as effective as they are neither thick nor as moisturizing as a cream. If your skin is dry in winter then you should use the natural creams. You can use Organic Ceramide Therapy Cream, the best organic solution for dry skin.

·        Proper Exfoliation:

Most people are confused that whether exfoliating your skin is good or bad in the winter. Exfoliating your skin is good for it but however in harsh winter conditions, it is devastating for sensitive skin. In the case, your skin is not sensitive then you can exfoliate but definitely less than normal. Else your skin barriers are going too be compromised due to dryness and cold air.

·        Don’t forget the lips:

Cracked or chapped lips are a common problem in the winters. For best results, you can use a lip balm for complete healing of cracked lips. There are cheap petroleum gel lip balms available but these are not right for the skin, as the skin gets used to these products. Therefore, when not applied the skin is not able to maintain its own hydration.

Hence, you should use natural lip balms like Libellule lip balm for nourishing protection of the lips.

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·        Use the Right Products

The best organic Skincare products for all your body requirements are available here at Libellule. Our products are not like other common skincare items made of synthetic materials which can eventually, degrade your skin but are made of organic natural components.

We take care of our customers more than anyone else. We make sure that you look stunning and healthy 24 x7. You can go through our these best products for healthy skin in the winter.​

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