Skin Protection Guide 2020: Makeup Mistakes That You Should Not Do & is Bad For Your Skin

Makeup Mistakes

Skin Protection Guide 2020: Makeup Mistakes That You Should Not Do & is Bad For Your Skin

Mistakes of the makeup you should avoid

The most common question that people ask Is makeup terrible for the skin? Is it damaging my skin?

When you have done a whole lot for your skin & still it didn’t help you get what you wanted then it’s quite frustrating at times.

From irritation to redness, your skin problems might not entirely be related to only the skincare routine, but it might be because of the makeup routine you follow.

After all, when makeup remains on the skin for hours, it makes sense that it may potentially affect the look of your skin.

But to answer the above question is makeup bad for the skin? That particular answer depends totally upon whether you are making these six makeup mistakes or not.


1) Wearing Makeup To The Bed

After a long busy day or sometimes a night out, it feels like an extra chore to remove or wash the makeup off before going to bed, but it must be done no matter what. You want to know why?

It’s because your skin produces oil & sebum throughout the day & it’s very natural.

When it gets mixed with the makeup that has been waiting on pores for hours(not to forget any germ or bacteria that may come in contact with the skin), there is a significant potential for breakouts.

The problems you may face when you go to bed without cleaning the makeup are many like dull complexion, blackheads & clogged pores, to name the few.


2) Exercising with Makeup on

Exercising is always great for skin, but doing that with a full makeup face will make you break out from irritations as well.

When oil, sweat & makeup gets combined, they increase the risk of dull complexion, clogged pores & also uneven texture.

Before going to the cardio machine, give your skin a quick cleanse because it hydrates & moisturizes the skin.


3) Using Expiry products for makeup

You always spent a lot of your money on your makeup products whether it is a foundation or your favourite lip gloss, but if you’re using any of these products for a year or half the chances maybe they are expired,

It’s essential to take note of the expiry of any of the products for many reasons like expiry, or aged product might not work that much effectively due to the slow loss of active ingredients like SPF.

Also, the skin might not react that well to the compromised products.

Redness, inflammation, irritation, bumps & blisters can crop up the skin if we continue to use the expiry products.


4) Applying the makeup on dry skin

If you have ever applied lipstick on dry & flaky lips, you may understand the context here.

Not just the appearance but the lipstick itself only don’t get applied to dry skin, depending on the product, it may even destroy any traces of the remaining moisture.

The best way you can keep those lips healthy & plumpy is by using the hydrating balm before applying any lipstick on your lips.

Dry lips can be irritable & can even crack so always use an antioxidant-rich lip balm & vitamin-rich balm that will deeply replenish moisture which in return boosts the collagen production.


5) Not Properly Cleaning the Makeup Tools

What was the last time you cleaned your makeup tools? If it’s longer than a month, then your dull complexion through the breakouts maybe because of using the dirty makeup brushes.

Makeup brushes soak up the oil, dirt & bacteria from our skin each time we use them.

Dirty brushes can generate bacteria & can go the pores of the skin by using them continuously without washing which will directly harm the overall health of our skin.

So to remain healthy, germs & bacteria free regularly wash all your makeup brushes.

Do that weekly if you have acne-prone & sensitive skin.

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