Skin Protection Guide 2020: Health Benefits Of Avocado

health benfits of avocado

Skin Protection Guide 2020: Health Benefits Of Avocado

The best health benefits of avocado are countless as it’s one of the best fruits with a lot of qualities in it.

Avocados counted in the world’s most lovable fruits.

Its taste is similar to that of butter & hence the reason it’s also known as butter fruit.

It is consumed in many different ways like some people add it in smoothies while some in bread toast & some even like to enjoy it with ice cream.

It has very low sugar in it but is very rich in fiber & monounsaturated fatty acid.


What are the health benefits of avocado?

Avocado is also known as Persia Americana.

It’s being said that this unique fruit was first made or grown in southern Mexico & Colombia seven thousand years ago

At one time, it was also named as an alligator pierce because of its size.

In its various famous varieties worldwide, one that is most popular is Haas avocado.

Its specialty is that it’s rich with nutrients & hence it is grown in many different countries.


The health benefits of eating avocados

There are many avocado benefits or benefits of avocado or health benefits of avocado fruit whatever you want to say it as but here are some most important ones that we have brought for you guys.


List of Top [10+] best health benefits  of eating avocados:


1. For Diabetes

As per the American diabetes association, Overeating of Monounsaturated fats, citing avocado should be consumed more & more.

This is the reason it is always recommended to people to add avocado in their diet.

Fiber also plays a vital role in health & that too comes from avocado.

As per many studies & researches, it is being said that fiber is beneficial in reducing blood sugar levels instantly.


2. Liver Health

For the people who are suffering from any liver-related diseases, avocado is beneficial.

As avocado is very rich in fiber so to keep liver healthy & disease-free avocado is beneficial.

It’s recommended to add Avocado in your daily routine to protect your liver.


3. For Arthritis

For bones eating avocado has many benefits.

It is also helpful for the treatment of arthritis.

There are anti-inflammatory properties present in monounsaturated fats, which can be beneficial in bones disease such as arthritis.

Vitamin D is also present in avocado’s, which is also one of the essential elements for bones.


4. To Strengthen Bones

Avocado has many other benefits too of bones like the raw avocado contains boron (A type of mineral), which can be very helpful for bones as it increases the absorption of calcium.

Avocados are also rich in Vitamin K, which also plays a vital role in the health of bone.

Vitamin K provides osteoprotective benefits to the bones.

They are also beneficial in diseases like arthritis.

And as we have already told in the above point that this fruit contains monounsaturated fat, which has anti-inflammatory capacity.


5. To Lose Weight

Research has shown that people who take avocado in their diet have their BMI & weight controlled because it reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome.

The fatty fluid known as monounsaturated & the fiber elements are the ones responsible for controlling the weight of human beings.


6. Avocado For Wrinkles

The crucial fatty fluid present in this fruit is capable of reducing signs of aging on human skin.

There are many health benefits of avocado oil for hair as well.

As per one research, the consumption of avocado oil can bring in collagen in the skin.

The avocado oil is also useful in healing wounds & reducing wrinkles from the face.


7. Oral Health

Avocado is very useful in oral health as its rich in vitamin D, fiber & fatty fluid, which may give relief in periodontitis inflammation & gingivitis (a type of infection related to gum health).

Avocado can be taken daily to improve the health of teeth.

Start taking avocados daily to make your gums healthy.


8. For Cancer

Do you know deadly diseases like cancer can also be avoided from the consumption of avocados?

It contains an element known as avocation-B, which can even fight stem cells of Leukemia(A Type of Cancer)

These cells are responsible for causing cancer in the human body.

As per one other research, Avocado can stop prostate cancer cells from growing.

It happens because it has a monounsaturated fat present in it.

Monounsaturated fat comes together with other phytochemicals to stop the risk of cancer.


9. Cardiovascular Health

Consumption of avocado is good for the health of the heart.

As per one of the reports, avocado increases HDL cholesterol(good cholesterol), which is very beneficial for the health of the heart.

One more such report says that it can also reduce LDL levels (bad cholesterol), which can protect the risk of heart disease.

The monounsaturated fluid present in this fruit already makes it unique.

Everyone should make avocado the part of their daily diet to keep the heart fit & healthy.


10. Brain Development

The abundant availability of monounsaturated fat in this fruit also helps in brain development.

Additionally, it has vitamin E that is very helpful in increasing the functions of the brain too.

According to a study, vitamin E also provides antioxidant protection that helps fight diseases like Alzheimer’s.


11. Digestive Health

Digestive health also has many benefits of avocado as it has high potassium & fiber in it, which are known to encourage healthy digestion.

As avocado contains less fructose in it, so its consumption also reduces the problems of stomach gas.

Avocado is also beneficial in Diarrhea because of the potassium present in it that helps to relinquish lost electrolytes.

To stay away from stomach related diseases, start including avocado in your daily diet.

So these were some health benefits of avocado for skin this summer that we came up with just for you guys.

Do tell us about your experience in the comment section below.

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