Saccharide Isomerate To The Rescue

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Saccharide Isomerate To The Rescue

If your skin is dry, or lacks water it can lead to peeling and even worse can cause an increase in inflammatory skin issues like eczema. Moisture supplying substances such as HA (Hyaluronic), ceramide, squalene, glycerine, and our topic for discussion Saccharide Isomerate (SI) may become a savior for your skin.

The Skins Anatomy

The skin consists of three layers: epidermis, dermis and tissue, in which the epidermis is the top layer consisting of many layers of cells and the place of the keratinization process of the skin. In it, the epidermis contains many corneocytes attached together, inside are natural moisturizing elements NMF (natural moisterizer factor – a sugar and amino acid complex that protects the skin from drainage), These corneocytes are then protected by lipid barriers which also include sebum.

How Would Saccharide Isomerate Help Your Skin?

The phenomenon of peeling skin manifests itself as one of the conditions such as dehydrated skin, loss of moisture retention and natural protective film possibly due to the use of strong cleansing products or harmful effects of the environment, i.e. chemicals … When this corneocyte layer is damaged, they will lose their ability to bind, losing NMF leading to the phenomenon of peeling in each section and an opportunity for more harmful thing to enter into our bodies possibly causing different types of atopic dermatitis. Extending the time of injury due to dehydration, our skin will become a desert, even if you drink a lot of water it will be too late at this point as it will quickly evaporate. This is where Saccharide Isomerate (SI) will became our saving grace
SI is a carbohydrate complex that is similar in structure to natural carbohydrates found in NMF, acting as a magnet for water-retention. When the SI is inserted into the skin, it will replace the lost natural carbohydrates, and now when the water is added to the skin to be absorbed into these carbohydrates, we can help prevent the water from evaporating so quickly. SI acts as an emollient, water retention agent, and also has the ability to bind to skin proteins closely, capable of remaining on the skin longer than conventional softeners. Simultaneously, SI use for a long time also helps to develop filaggrin proteins, loricrin, and develop the skins increase hyaluronic acid production.
The outstanding properties of Saccharide Isomerate:
• Instant water supply, deeply moisturizing lasting up to 72 hours.
• Reduces irritation, reduces AHA’s side effects by 22% because the skin is making its own exogenous AHA’s.
• In 3 minutes SI has 38% higher moisturizing ability than glycerin.
• Stimulate gene expression to a create skin protection barrier keeping inflammatory skin issues at bay.
• Improve the effectiveness of peeling and bring soft and moisturized skin.


Although they are skin-identical complexes, Saccharide Isomerate and Hyaluronic Acid work slightly different. Both are known to have equally excellent hydrating and soothing properties. Nevertheless, with the ability of Saccharide Isomerate to increase the Hyaluronic Acid synthesis in the skin, makes it more favourable than Hyaluronic Acid especially in people with sensitive skin.
A laboratory test indicated that Saccharide Isomerate may potentially boost the Hylarunic Acid synthesis by 66%. While a 28 day clinical trial on 19 volunteers aged 44 to 56 years showed that Saccharide Isomerate were capable of reducing the appearance of wrinkles by 18.5% to 79.3%.
Personally, I prefer both as both ingredients are technically very good at boosting skin hydration and plumping the appearance of your skin.

Does Libellule Use This Amazing Ingredient?

A truly amazing natural ingredient that makes our “Organic Comfort Cream” work overtime. We use Saccharide Isomerate that is derived from the D-glucose of wheat. It is also ECOCERT and NATRUE approved!

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