How to take care of the skin around eyes

How to take care of the skin around eyes

Unfortunately the skin around our eyes is amongst the most sensitive, and also shows the earliest signs of premature aging, especially when it doesn’t get the proper care.

take care of the skin around eyes
How to take care of the skin around eyes

Have you ever tried to know why?

Firstly, the skin around the eyes is more delicate and thinner than the skin on other parts of the body. And since we use it continuously: whether it is blinking, or expressing emotions, it works throughout the day, therefore this alone is enough for showing signs of aging.

Still, there are other reasons such as Ultraviolet rays, stress, lifestyle factors, genetic factors, which can also cause the skin to age early.

General issues of the eyes are:

  • Dark Circles
  • Wrinkle lines
  • Puffiness

Yet, it doesn’t matter what your age is, you can’t stop caring for the skin around your eyes. In this article, we will mention a few tips that you can follow for better eye care.

Moisturize is the most!

Consider your skin like a grape. When a grape loses its water, it starts to shrink, and wrinkles start appearing. But once you start giving it water again, they start plumping again, therefore reducing wrinkles and lines.

Similar is the case of our skin. However, still moisturizing is one of the very unobvious steps that we usually ignore whereas it shouldn’t. As the skin around our eyes lacking oil glands, the natural moisturizer of our skin, therefore this area is prone to dryness.

The question that often confuses people is whether they can use the same moisturizer which they were using for the face for their eyes. The answer is yes you can. But it shouldn’t irritate your eyes and it should provide enough moisture.

Always remember, that the skin around your eyes is thinner than other parts of your face, therefore it can be sensitive to regular face cream. In the case you observe redness, itching, burning, or any other sensation, then you can stop using your regular face moisturizer and can try an eye cream.

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But how to choose an eye cream?

Delve through the ingredients:

When you are looking for a perfect eye cream, you need to know the ingredients you need which in turn depends on what it is you are targeting. Getting Complicated?  i.e the ingredients depend on your eyes concern

For fine lines:

Apart from hydrating humectants, which are needed for providing moisture, you would need ingredients that can give you an immediate “plump up” effect.

For this outcome, you need more potent ingredients which can have stimulating collagen production, such as:

  • Retinoid
  • Retinol
  • Vitamin A derivatives
  • Peptides

You will need a dermatologist prescription to purchase some of the above-mentioned products.

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For dark circles (hyperpigmentation):

To fight the dark circle (hyperpigmentation), generally caused by UV rays of the sun, you need to find these ingredients:

  • Hydroquinone
  • Arbutin
  • Vitamin C
  • Kojic Acid
  • Soy
  • Vitamin B-3
  • Azelaic Acid

For puffiness:

You can reduce puffiness or puffy eyes easily buy getting enough sleep or drinking enough water. But if you require skincare ingredients then you should look for these ingredients in your products:

  • Caffeine
  • Green tea
  • Coffeeberry polyphenols
  • Dipeptide -2
  • Willowherb

For common concerns:

If you are looking for the common concerns of the skin, then you should look after the antioxidants. These ingredients are quite powerful and can help in removing the free radicals in the skin, which can be due to UV radiation, smoking, or pollutants. In addition, they can help you in delaying the aging process of the skin. Antioxidants include:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Green Tea
  • Vitamin B


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Always be gentle!

Whether you are removing your eye makeup or you are applying makeup on the skin around your eyes, you need to be gentle at every step. As mentioned earlier, our eyes are surrounded by very thin skin. Due to this our daily routine can enhance the chances of fine lines or wrinkles. Below we have listed a few tips, that you can adopt for your skincare routine:

While removing makeup:

  1. Apply eye makeup remover firstly on a cotton pad
  2. Press this pad softly on the skin
  3. Then drag it slowly in an outward motion
  4. Continue this process till your make up gets removed.

While applying the products:

  1. Firstly, apply the product on your pinky finger
  2. Dab the product around the eyes, covering your eye area. Remember the upper eyelid also.
  3. Continue the process until it is done.

Don’t forget sun protection:

Exposure to the sun plays an important role in the process of skin aging. It can lead to making the skin around your eyes darker.

A broad-spectrum sunscreen is an unavoidable product for your skincare routine, and you should apply it daily during the sunny days.

And always remember the upper lid, it is a commonly forgotten part when it comes to applying sunscreen.

But if you have to wear makeup on your face, then applying sunscreen on it especially on eyes can be a hassle. In this case, you can consider using sunglasses.

Try a massage:

If you observe that your puffy eyes tend to come and go repetitively especially when you are under tired, or not getting proper sleep, then you can try an eye massage.

Apart from genetic factors, fluid retention can also cause puffy eyes. It can be due to high salt intake, too much sleep or lack of sleep.

Massaging improves blood circulation. The pressure by massage on that are can help in removing the excess fluid and hence reduces the puffiness.

Lifestyle Changes:

Well, every product can work have its own limit to work. Your health depends on your habits. If you are following a sedentary lifestyle, then you can’t overcome the problems just by using skincare products. You need to make changes.

Following are the attributes of a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Proper Sleep
  2. Balanced diet
  3. Regular Exercise

Follow the above 3 rules and you will definitely get a healthy skin. If you are looking for the best eye care products, you can definitely invest in Libellule eye care products such as Eyelash serum, Radiant youth botanical toner, and others. These will definitely enhance the skin around your eyes naturally.

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