How to get rid of Pimples Fast Naturally?

Tips to get pimples from face

How to get rid of Pimples Fast Naturally?

Sometimes you do not have time to form a visit to the dermatologist’s workplace or pharmacy for a hickey treatment. attempt these natural home remedies once you got to get rid pimples quick and effectively.

Lemon is wealthy of vitamin C which will be an Associate in Nursing excellently effective answer to treating pimples.

How to use:

Cut a contemporary lemon and use a juicer to form juice. Plunge a bit of cotton into this juice and apply this on to pimples. Alternatively, combine well one teaspoon of juice with a similar quantity of cinnamon powder. After that, place the mixture on the pimples and let it sit for all night. take away it within the next morning to check improvement.

2. ICE:

Ice will support the blood circulation to the pimples areas and take away the dirt and oil on the skin. As before long as you apply, the pimples can quickly disappear. Prepare an Associate in Nursing ice pack by putt some ices in an exceedingly cotton towel or a bit of material and apply it on to the affected areas. Hold it for regarding three to four minutes. Repeat the method many times to induce the most effective results.


Honey is a tremendous ingredient for the way to induce eliminate pimples that’s terribly powerful in dashing up the healing method. it’s an antibiotic property which will stop the infections moreover.

Plunge a cotton swab fully in honey then apply this to your pimples. Let it sit for regarding half-hour before removing it. After that, clean your skin with lukewarm water and dry with a cotton towel. do that a minimum of two times per week to induce the most effective effects.


Cut 0.5 contemporary garlic and apply items of garlic on to the pimples areas. Leave them for five minutes then rinse with lukewarm water.

Repeat the remedies repeatedly in an exceedingly day to induce additional effects.

Garlic is accepted for antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic and inhibitor properties. so it will assist you on a way to get eliminate pimples as before long as you apply.


Baking soda is extremely effective in removing excess oil and dead skin cells moreover as exfoliating the skin. because of that, it’s an extremely regarded answer for the way to induce eliminate pimples that area unit caused by mentioned factors higher than.

Mix well one teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate with a bit quantity of water or juice to induce a paste. Apply the paste to the pimples and leave it for many minutes.

Wash it off with water. Repeat the method two times each day to induce relief before long.


Cucumber is extremely wealthy of vitamins like A, C and E. Thus, it’s terribly effective in cooling your body and may be used widely for beauty functions.

Slice a cucumber into many items and place them in an exceeding pot of water. Let these cucumber items soak for regarding one minute so the vitamins in cucumber will leach into the water. Drink the liquid or use it to scrub your face.

Alternatively, build a cucumber mask by grinding cucumber. Apply the mask onto your face for a minimum of quarter-hour then take away it. wash out your face with lukewarm water.

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