Handmade Skincare Products Oklahoma

handmade skincare products Oklahoma

Handmade Skincare Products Oklahoma

The best skincare products are handmade skincare products made in small batches. I know this from my own personal experience and I would like to share a snippet of my story with you. Maybe by the time you finish reading this, you will agree.

The Start To My Journey

Many people are all for trying to stick with “ingredients they can pronounce” in food, but unfortunately when it comes to skincare I have seen some people be a bit more skeptical about handmade skincare products. After all, chemists dedicate their lives to testing and reformulating products designed for that perfect, “natural radiance.” On the flip side, throwing everything out the chemistry window for botanicals, extracts, and essential oils also seems a bit hippiesh for some. Still, a part of our minds are still in love with the idea of going back to the basics with beauty. When my children’s skin issues became so bad that modern medication would only mask the problem for a short period of time I figured I should finally really give it a try. So, I started on a journey to find some help from mother nature and this eventually led me to start making my own handmade skincare products.

Some Background Information

I was a student finishing my 4th year in pharmacy school and my wife and I were blessed with our first child, a baby girl we named Isabella. The first thing we noticed was how sensitive her skin was to every single lotion, shampoo, soap, diaper rash cream, etc…Isabella had a “shotgun diagnosis” of Atopic Dermatitis which kind of covers a broad range of skin issues to include eczema.

Helping My Daughter

At first we tried steroid creams and sometimes even oral steroids when things got really bad. We finally changed to different baby formulas, tried different things for her to eat. Interestingly enough, we saw the best results in keeping the atopic dermatitis to a minimum when we changed her diet. As a result, this got me thinking about what I could use to put on her skin being just as important as what we were doing to put better things into her body. So, I started to look up some research on different, mother nature given, ingredients with known properties to help the skin and inflammation. Mother nature given ingredients like: Yarrow, Licorice Root, Geranium, Boswellia, and Myrrh to name just a few. Using my pharmacist knowledge of compounding I decided to whip up a batch of lotion (aka: Organic Comfort Cream) to see if I could help my daughters sensitive skin using only organic and natural ingredients that were specific to decreasing the symptoms of eczema. That first batch of lotion started this entire journey as my wife started using it and my family started to use it and I kept hearing my wife say: “you need to help other people with your lotion.”

Helping A Friend

Move forward a couple of years and my barber started talking to me about needing a natural organic product for his clients hair. He was frustrated with the use of chemicals in a lot of the hair product around and also noticed his own hands drying and cracking by the end of the day. So, I formulated an organic oil based pomade with more mother nature given ingredients for my barber and very quickly he noticed two things:
His hands immediately became softer and smoother without any of the issues of cracking or drying from before.
His clients were coming back for second and third haircuts asking if they could purchase the hair pomade as they loved the way it made their hair and scalp feel.

Transparency Is The Final Why

These are just two small stories that show how using handmade skincare and haircare products have helped myself and people in my life. I also want to let you know about what I feel is one of the most important reasons to using handmade skincare/haircare products and I believe you can get what I am talking about from what I have said already: We make it for ourselves, families, and friends. We don’t test anything on poor helpless and defenseless animals first. We test them on ourselves, every step of the way, because we are making things that are made to help the people we love first. I was once told, and I strongly believe, that the key to a successful business is transparency. To me transparency is handmade skincare products made in small batches by people who are passionate about honestly helping everyone. Transparency is also true organic products that actually deliver on its promise without hurting anyone or the environment. This is what I stand for. This is Libellule.

Pharmacist Created Organic Skincare

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