An Ultimate Night Time Skin Care Routine Every Women Should Follow

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An Ultimate Night Time Skin Care Routine Every Women Should Follow

Glowing, radiant skin never goes out of style. We all know this. But, we also know that maintaining the resilience and look of youthful vitality isn’t easy given the number of factors that are causing havoc on the skin. 

It’s not always your hormones or DNA that are responsible for damaged and dull skin. Our skin is exposed to sunlight and bombarded with wind, pollution, dirt, and other factors that impact the skin badly. Daycare routine is essential, but it cannot fight the culprits alone. 

That’s why you need a proper night time routine for the rescue!

A proper bedtime routine is essential to have beautiful skin. In fact, it should be your top priority after you get into your jammies.

But why?

Well, at night, your skin gets the opportunity to go into a reparative mode because of a controlled environment that is free from the sun, wind, pollution, dirt, and stress experienced during the day.

So, here is a nighttime skincare routine that will fix all that is dimming your epidermal wattage. We like to call it a ‘beauty sleep’ guide. Have a look!

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Face Wash

night face cream

First thing, first! By the end of the day, your skin desperately needs a good clean. Before you sink into the bed, remove all your makeup and impurities off your face with a gentle, non-toxic face wash or cleanser

Make sure you are using a mild-product that does not strip away natural oils or make your skin dry. Now, if you have



We all know that the skin sheds a lot of skin cells every day.  Unless you are actively removing the ones that don’t fall off, you are going to have a greyish look. 

Throughout the day, a layer of dead cells builds up onto the skin, preventing it from breathing oxygen. Make sure that you wipe the dead-skin off with a mild scrub. However, make sure you do it twice a week because too much scrubbing can harm your skin. 

We recommend using a scrub that does not have crushed or abrasive ingredients.


Many people don’t know when to use a toner. So, toner should be used after cleaning the skin before putting anything else. Apply toner with clean hands and let it sink into your pores to help in replenishment.

You can look for Toners with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and C, rose water and green tea, or alpha-beta hydroxy acids to have better results.

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Serums are prepared with a high concentration of active ingredients so that they get to work quickly. 

Filled with concentrated doses of active ingredients, serums are allies and all-weather friend. Even if you don’t have any skin issue, then we recommend you use a serum daily.

It is important that you select the Serum that is packed with reparative antioxidants along with natural ingredients and oils like Sea Buckthorn oil.

Night Rejuvenation Face Cream

A moisturizer is necessary to replenish the lost moisture. You need to make sure that your skin moisture levels are in proper working order.

We recommend night rejuvenation face cream. This cream nourishes, hydrates and replenishes your skin while you sleep. Suitable for all skin types, this cream is infused with the goodness of natural and clinically proven ingredients.

Eye Cream

night face cream

Say hello to eye cream and make it your best friend if you are frustrated by dark circles, under-eye bags, and puffiness. After you are done with cleaning and moisturize, dab on an eye cream. Use your fingertips to apply it and massage with soft hands until it is absorbed.

An important thing to remember here is that you choose products that are active and penetrating, unlike daytime when products with surface-layer protection are a must. Along with this routine, make sure that you hydrate yourself, get enough sleep, and have nutrient and vitamin-rich food for effective results. 

Skin with ineffable glow comes from eight hours of sleep, nutrient-rich food, and a well-balanced night care routine. Follow your skincare routine religiously and see the magic that will happen!

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