How To Get Glowing Skin: Expert Tips for a Healthy Glowing Skin

Healthy glowing skin

How To Get Glowing Skin: Expert Tips for a Healthy Glowing Skin

If you will ask yourself to describe what type of skin you want, you will spit out “healthy glowing skin”.

But not everyone is blessed with such skin without efforts. Those who are should also need to maintain, and others sometimes need to adopt some habits for getting it.

If in this year, you want glowing healthy skin, then take a seat and continue reading. In this article, we have jotted down all the essential steps that you can take for healthy glowing skin.

Protect your skin from the sun:

We all know that donning SPF on the face is one of the best ways to retain healthy skin. Do you know that nearly 90% of the wrinkles are due to the sun exposure and this is something that you can easily maintain by wearing a good sunscreen.

Even you travel through the car then don’t forget the harmful rays can penetrate your window shield easily. Consider a sunscreen which contains SPF that perfectly suits your skin.

Organic Ceramide Therapy

Organic Ceramide Therapy (25$)


Increase the veggies:

Not every skincare product sounds like a fancy name from oxford dictionary, simple veggies and herbs like aloe vera are great for your skin too. If you are ready for more organic natural products then you must consider the Libellule Organic Skincare products. They have a wide range of skincare products made up of only organic components.

Vitamin C can help a lot:

Several pieces of research have shown that Vitamin C doesn’t only help in the free radical which cause wrinkles but also helps in dealing with the DNA damage problem from which they arise.

Eating food enriched with vitamin C or using Skin care products like Vitamin C serum both are beneficial for you. It helps in skin wound healing, fine lines and discolouration. You can include a Libellule Vitamin C serums for a great start.
Also, go through this article to know about how vitamin C can help in skin problems in detail.

Radiant Youth Botanical Toner

Radiant Youth Botanical Toner


Eat water-rich fruits:

Using the best skincare products will definitely help you but for a long term result, you need to be healthy from inside too. Eating water-rich fruits which contain fibres can help in reducing the wrinkles damage along with redness caused by UV rays.

Try to include fruits like watermelon, cucumbers, oranges, lemons, in salad or breakfast.

Hydrate yourself:

Proper body hydration is something that you can’t avoid and it is necessary for the body’s well being along with skin health. Water levels help in transporting the essential nutrients and oxygen to the cells of skin. Dehydration in the body can cause premature ageing.

Hyaluronic acid exists in the skin naturally gets pulls in and hold the water for the wrinkle-plumping mechanism by proper hydration.

Include berries in the diet:

Berries like Raspberries which are right in your refrigerator can be powerful anti-ageing medicine for you. Raspberries contain ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant helps in preventing wrinkles.

Ellagic acid also helps in protecting the collagen which keeps skin plump and glowing.

Make a mash of Raspberries and honey and apply on the face for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with normal water and pat dry.

Organic Comfort Cream Eczema Relief

Organic Comfort Cream Eczema Relief


Maintain your makeup brushes regularly:

More than two-thirds of the women never wash their makeup brushes and sponges despite they get dirty and contain a lot of bacteria. This can cause breakout which is definitely not an acceptable thing for your skin.     

The brushes you use for loose powder should be washed within 2-3 weeks and those you use for apply foundation should be in a week.

Add a few drops of shampoo in the water in a bowl and gently swirl your brushes in it. After properly rinsing leave them flat for dry. You can also consider to changes the brushes after a certain period of time.

Include nuts and dry fruits for glowing skin:

Nuts are enriched with selenium which can boost up the elasticity of the skin. Walnuts highly contain omega-3 fatty acids for lower inflammation.

You can also include macadamias for glowing skin. These contain high-quality oils and fatty acids, best for skin repair and rejuvenation.

Night Rejuvenation face cream

Night Rejuvenation Face Cream


Detoxification Masks:

Detoxification which are considered for just pampering the face skin is lot more than that. They can remove all the dirt cells which were hiding in the pores and unclog your pores for better skin.

You must try Libellule OHM Cleansing Powder Facial Exfoliating Wash is a powder that converts into an exfoliating cleansing cream once moistened with water.

It contains ojoba beads, willow bark extract and vitamin c will exfoliate the skin while colloidal oatmeal, organic honey, organic goats milk, and provitamin B5 will soothe and moisturize. Finally repair the skin with organic resveratrol, myrrh, boswellia, and barberry root extract leaving the skin pampered, fresh, and rejuvenated.

Include Serums in your regular skincare routine:

Serums are highly concentrated as compared to the regular creams and hence, supposed to use only a directional or directional amount. Also, they are quite light and have the ability to get deeply absorbed in the skin. Know about how serums can help your skin here.

Libellule Orchard Stem Cell Serum helps rejuvenate the skin’s appearance and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Orange Fruit Stem Cells, Lingonberry Stem Cells and Japanese Orchid Stem Cells help plump and protect the skin by stimulating skin growth factors for more radiant, younger-looking skin.

Orchard Stem Cell Serum

Orchard Stem Cell Serum


Skincare Products orders matters a lot:

The way you use your skincare products matters a lot even more than the products themselves. You should start with the serums as they contain the most active ingredients. As they are the most powerful skincare item among your collection, they should come in direct contact with the skin.

Anything which is soluble in water should be applied first then the thicker and creamier products will go on.
Maintain your phone hygiene:

According to the research conducted by Stanford, your cellphone which you can’t give easily for a few minutes contain more bacteria than a toilet seat. In fact, the glass on the screen can so easily spread the bacteria that it is same as sneezing on someone’s face.

It is best to contain wipes and regularly clean your mobile screen with antiseptic wipes.

Include dairy products for glowing skin:

It has been a debatable topic that whether excluding dairy products from your diet can help you in getting a healthy glowing skin.

Many dermatologists suggest that even organic dairy products contain hormones stimulates your oil glands and pore which leads to acne.

If you wish to give a boot on dairy products then be cautious about the indirect product too present in salad dressings, protein bars etc. If you want to have a cheat once, then stick to skimmed milk.

Early to bed also gives healthy skin:

It is an old age to get a perfect “beauty sleep” and there is a reason behind this. Lacking sleep leads to lower circulation. This is the reason you look pale and exhausted when you don’t get a night of proper sleep.

Sleep is also the best time for skin rejuvenation. “Our body’s cellular cell rejuvenation takes place at night and at this time the cells want to equip the skin with multiple nutrients and hydrating ingredients”.

At least seven hours in the night are required for proper healthy skin.

Use an exfoliator to reduce the pores:

Sometimes tiny things can make a huge impact. Same is the way of pores. These small pores can give a drastic effect on your overall look once they get enlarged.

When the pores get filled with dirt, dead cell of skin, oil, and keratin they start to enlarge, so it is essential to remove these impurities to cause them to shrink.

You can choose a cleanser or an exfoliator for this. There is a wide range of organic cleansers and exfoliators of Libellule which you should definitely give a shot.

Organic European Algae Hand Cream natural Algae Hand Cream

Organic European Algae Hand Cream


Retinol promotes anti-ageing:

If you are more worried about the ageing process or want to prevent it as much as possible then you must include Retinol serum in your regular skincare routine.

Retinol or Retinol acids are the derivatives of Vitamin A, and when used in a proper manner, they can act as a catalyst in the process of collagen production, skin cell turnover, and unblocking pores. It also has very high anti-inflammation power which is helpful in treating the wrinkles.

But be cautious as in the improper use it can cause dry skin, and even redness plus pigmentation issues.

Don’t forget your neck:

We often end our skincare to the chin and neglect the neck. But as we reached the age above 50, we began to realize this mistake when we first found wrinkles on the neck, and we wish that we have done enough care to the neck too.

So start giving attention to the neck too. The skin type of neck is the same as a face so you can give the same treatment to the neck as you are giving to your face.

Always cleanse before going to bed:

Sleeping with full of makeup on the face will not just clog the pores but also cause increase the dead cells and dryness of your skin.

The makeup molecules grow like a yeast overnight, and also don’t forget to remove the eye-makeup too. Consider a gentle cleanser for it. Libellule Creamy Organic Oatmeal Cleansing Face Wash removes makeup, hydrates the skin, and cleanses the skin.

It is ideal for normal, sensitive and dry skin, maybe also used to remove eye makeup. It contains organic coconut oil, organic sunflower oil and sodium PCA (naturally occurring component of human skin).

OHM Organic Shampoo Bar

OHM Organic Shampoo Bar


Stop touching your face frequently:

Whenever you press your pimple, it causes inflammation and some sort of distortion to the skin. Just not touching your face can give a significant impact on your face.

The bacteria get to build upon the skin when you touch it, resulting in more acne, discolouration.

And as we earlier mentioned about the phones, the same goes with the finger, as they touch multiple dirty objects, for instance, the keyboard also contains a lot of bacteria.

Avoid excessive warmth:

A warm shower is always relaxing to the body and soul but however, it is not a boon for the skin. It not only causes the skin to strip natural oils but also creates a mild burn.

Please go through this article to know how warm water and showers can increase the dryness, and why you consider the organic ceramides therapy cream for dryness in the winter.

A massage can boost circulation:

As like your body, the muscles on the face can also become lazy with age, so giving just 5 minutes in the night on massaging is an effort worth giving. It boosts the circulation and tones the muscles on the face and neck.

Pollution Protection:

Washing your skin twice in a day- one at the beginning of the day and one at the end is essential. But this is not enough, you need to protect it from the urban smog, pollutants, smoke by using a sunscreen or moisturizer.

Don your sunglasses for protecting eyes:

A good pair of sunglasses protect your eyes as like your expensive makeup. The eyes are surrounded by the thinnest skin, the makeup alone can’t be sufficient sometimes, so donning a pair of sunglasses would be a better choice.

Fade dark spots:

Well, prevention is always better than cure, but sometimes how hard we try the sun can cause some effects on the pigmentation and our makeup efforts went in vain.

But now a lot of new formulations have hit the market which can help in hiding the pigmentation remarks.

Last but not least: Consider Natural Products:

While the market has been flooded with artificial synthetic products with captivating ads giving immediate results. But one should remember, that these products are really harmful for long-term use.

You must consider Libellule Skincare products made of complete natural organic materials. Go through the complete range of Libellule skincare products made of organic components, natural oils, fruits and derivatives.

Also, know the benefits of using the natural product in this article.

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