Daily Skin Care Routine for Busy Women

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Daily Skin Care Routine for Busy Women

Struggling to fit every chaos of your life in your 9 to 5 schedule and compromising on your skincare and wellness?

Quite common as working women often tend to cut out hours from their self-care time to meet the other needs.

Well, it may seem like time never stops, and you are always on the go, we understand how difficult it gets to extract even a few minutes for your beauty and skincare.

But believe us, skipping your skincare routine totally would make it worse. So, here we come to the rescue with simple and easy tips to prevent you from totally cutting off your skincare and easily moulding it to fit into your tight-packed schedule to help you maintain healthy skin which reflects your energy and well-being.

Rinse your face.

Washing your face thoroughly with lukewarm water at most two times a day is the most important step to get rid of the extra oil, dirt, and impurities that your skin is exposed to. It also helps in maintaining the natural water-oil balance and gives you fresh skin. So, make it a habit to rinse your face at least twice a day.

 Apply a Toner.

Toner is that one thing, which is quick to add in the daycare routine. It is quick & effective way to take care of your skin as a good, chemical-free toner tones, hydrates, soothes, and freshens the skin. After you rinse your face spritz on toner of your choice. We suggest you go with an organic one!

Moisturize your skin.

Moisturizer acts as food to our skin. We all need to have the “Sun sense” to realize that our skin requires a proper amount of exposure to the sun. Excess or very little exposure both should be avoided, and according to your exposure, you always need to wear moisturizer to protect your skin from damage and sunburns, even on a cloudy day.

It is advised to wear an SPF 30 or more on large hours of exposure and SPF 15 for small hours of exposure before you leave your house. And during the night time, wear a hydrating moisturizer that can heal your skin and offer the much-needed care! We suggest you go for organic ceramide therapy as it is an ultra-rich body lotion infuses moisture and creates gorgeously soft and smooth skin.

Eye Cream.

Focus on getting your face oil around your eyes. For this, apply a gentle eye cream and massage it for some time every night before going to sleep. It will not only help you get relief from eye bags and dark circles but also aid in getting good sleep.

Have a good amount of sleep.

This may not feel like a skincare ritual but surely is the most needed one. Not just for the skin but for the well-being of your mind and body. Dropping all the stress, you are wrapped around, relax yourself with a good bath using a skin soother bar to take your anxieties away and freshen you up and then head towards a peaceful sleep of 8 to 10 hours.

We know that you are a busy woman and don’t like to spend a lot of time on a skincare routine. Just take 5-10 minutes out of your day and follow the above steps for a vibrant, nourished, clear skin. With all this, you should also keep a check on your skincare products. As we all feel bumped up with lots of skin care products online, but not all of them would help your skincare become a success. The toxic chemicals would slowly degrade your skin and eventually lead to ageing, scars, pimples, spots, uneven and unhealthy skin.  

It is always advisable to use organic skincare products as they are skin-friendly. Organic skincare products not only maintains a healthy skin but is also pocket-friendly, stays for long hours, and feels like home remedy. So, always do a reality check on what you feed your skin!

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