How to prevent pimples on your face

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How to prevent pimples on your face

Pimples or acne results when the oil glands of the skin get over-reactive and the pores get inflamed. The bacteria present on the skin make the pimple worse. Pimples can appear on any part of the body, but mostly they are found on the face which is the worst case, as we can’t hide easily from our face.

If you are tired of dealing with the unwanted pimples on your face, hold your seat to read this article, in which we have mentioned different ways of preventing pimples on your face.

Wash your face properly:

The first step in preventing the pimples is to get rid of excess oil, dirt, and sweat regularly. A gentle cleansing face washes twice a day can do this alone. But make sure to not use harsh soap for the wash as they can make the pimple worse.

You should try Creamy Organic Oatmeal Cleansing Face Wash. It removes makeup, hydrates the skin, and cleanses the skin. Ideal for normal, sensitive and dry skin, maybe also used to remove eye makeup.

Be sure to use lukewarm water for washing your face, instead of hot.

OHM Soap Bar

Know your skin type:

You can suffer from pimples, doesn’t matter what your skin type is. However, certain skin types, such as the oily one is most prone to the pimples. When the sebaceous glands of the skin produce excessive oily serum, it results in a pimple on the face.

If you are having combination skin then you are also having enough chances for getting pimples. It means you have traits of both oily and dry skin. The common oily areas on the face are forehead, nose, and chin, also known as T-zone.

Hence, if you know your skin type it will help you in choosing and buying the right products. For instance, if you are having oily skin, then you should choose noncomedogenic products, specially formulated for not block pores.

Moisturizing your skin:

Moisturizers help in retaining skin moisture and prevent the skin from getting dry and agitated. However, many moisturizers contain unnecessary oils, fragment ailments, and many other synthetic ingredients which can cause irritation to the skin.

For preventing pimples, you should use try Libellule Organic Ceramide therapy cream. This ultra-rich body lotion infuses moisture and creates gorgeously soft and smooth skin. Massage liberally onto the entire body as often as needed.

Remember, a cream is always better than a lotion, as the creams contain more oils.   

Organic Ceramide Therapy
Organic Ceramide Therapy

Stay hydrated:

Hydration means to have enough water in the body. Dehydration i.e. deficiency of water in the body causes the oil glands of the skin to release more oil. It also gives the skin a dull appearance and promotes inflammation and redness. You should regularly drink 8 glasses of water every day for hydration.

Use limited makeup:

It is hard to resist applying makeup for covering up the pimples. However, in doing you may end up clogging pores and triggering the outbreaks.

You should be natural when you can. And still, if you are wearing makeup then avoid greasy, heavy foundations, and try to use as much as natural products.

Stop touching your face:

You should know that your hands collect a lot of bacteria and dirt throughout the day. As you touch your face, some of these particles get transferred to the pores.

Try to use the wipes or neat & clean handkerchief for removing sweat, and itching comfort.

Creamy Organic Oatmeal Cleansing Face Wash

Reduce the exposure to skin:

Sun exposures dehydrate the skin, which in turn results in producing more oil and block pores. It is best to wear sunscreen while going out on a sunny day.

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