Best Skincare Products Online Shop in Oklahoma

I started Libellule in 2008 out of the frustration of looking for skincare products that actually delivered on their promises. I also knew that I wanted Libellule to be the best skincare products online shop in Oklahoma.

I was a student finishing my 4th year in pharmacy school and my wife and I were blessed with a baby girl we named Isabella. The first thing we noticed was how sensitive her skin was to every single lotion, shampoo, soap, diaper rash cream, etc… While finishing pharmacy school I really felt like I could help the issues of the world with my training and make the world a healthier place. So, I decided to whip up a batch of lotion to see if I could help my daughters sensitive skin using only organic and natural ingredients. That first batch of lotion started this entire journey as my wife started using it and my family started to use it and I kept hearing my wife say: “you need to help other people with your lotion.”

Six months later I graduated and was blessed with an amazing position with a leading retail pharmacy company. The focus of my life outside of my wife and daughter became my job as a pharmacist but I continued to make my lotion for my family’s personal use. The hard work and three moves later (Infant + moving X 3 = pure craziness) paid off and in 1.5 years I was promoted to the district pharmacy supervisor for that large retail pharmacy company. Move forward a couple of years and my barber started talking to me about needing a natural organic product for his client’s hair. He was frustrated with the use of chemicals in a lot of the hair product around and also noticed his own hands drying and cracking by the end of the day. So, I formulated an organic oil-based pomade, a water-based pomade, organic hair lotion, and organic beard oil for my barber at the Royal Tonsor Hair Studio. All the while I was still working 70 hours a week as a District Manager/Pharmacy Supervisor.

Growing up as a child of immigrants I watched the sacrifices my parents made every day for my sister and myself to have a proper upbringing so in order to pay back the opportunities given to me I decided to join the military and when I was 17-years-old I enlisted for active duty in the US Navy.

The 5 years I spent in US Navy and my parent’s work ethic is the cause behind my drive to succeed and help others.

After finishing my enlistment in the military I wanted to continue in my path of helping others and becoming a pharmacist was perfect for me.

I was running both my pharmacy job and constantly making skin and hair care products for my barber and my family but on January 2018 I decided to stop saying “One Day” and start saying “Day 1”, I decided that I needed to make Libellule a top skin and haircare company in the US.

Libellule is the French word for dragonfly. My wife helped me find this name for my life passion. The libellule is not only something that is mysteriously beautiful but it also represents a healthy, clean, and natural environment. All I want to do is help others and my family at the same time with true organic skin and hair care products that actually deliver on its promise without hurting anyone or the environment.